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"Brotherhood of the Silent Hand by Avon J Bellamy, Sr. is a powerful, suspenseful thriller that will, undoubtedly, put readers on the edge of their seats. It is a great offering that bundles intrigue, crime, and romance into one deal for the reader, and you quickly find yourself moving from one surprising turn to another. An African-American agent gets one of the most dangerous assignments of his life — and only he is equipped to handled it properly. He is tasked with the one mission of destroying the Colombian cartel. But this agent falls in love with the very assassin who is paid to kill him. Now, can he wake up in time to save himself? Can Marrita Del Shone return his love and forget her own mission to destroy this man? The answers are in these thrilling pages."

Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio

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Brotherhood of the Silent Hand, Avon Bellamy

“I have just completed reading "Brotherhood of the Silent Hand". It is indeed a page turner. Intrigue and intimacy are woven in a way both poetic and painterly. The author has shaped the book's characters with a realistic eye. I look forward to Garfield Peterson's continuing development.”